Products & Services

Located in southern Maine, Rainmaker Spring is a one-stop shopping destination.  We deliver water AND coffee. Additionally, we privately label our water bottles for groups and businesses that would like personalization. Browse our products below, and if you have any questions give us a call or shoot us an e-mail. Enjoy!


Water and Coffee Delivery

Rainmaker Spring will deliver directly to your home or business. Whether you are ordering a few cases of water, a coffee machine and k-cups, or an entire cooler set-up with ten 5-gallon bottles, Rainmaker Spring will come to your front door. For first-time customers, this includes any set up and installation necessary to get your Rainmaker Spring products up and running!


Prefer using tap water? Rainmaker Spring carries the revolutionary line of bottle less coolers known as the Terminator. These coolers not only microfilter your tap water, but also utilize in-tank UV light sanitization and an automatic nightly tank sanitization cycle. These sanitizations guarantee the absence of algae, biofilm, and pathogenic bacteria in your water. This filtration hooks directly into your plumbing and does not require bottle changes. Rainmaker will install, maintain, and service your Terminator™ at your home or office.


Same Day Service

Here at Rainmaker Spring, we put our customers first. We look to keep you content and satisfied with our products and services at all times. In our opinion, this means responding to you as soon as possible in the any type of issue. If you find yourself out of water or needing maintenance, give us a call and we will be on the scene before the end of the work day. We don’t believe in making you wait for us!

Free Delivery

Let us handle all aspects of your water or coffee delivery. We will never charge you a “delivery fee”, “fuel surcharge”, or “oil surcharge”. Our water and coffee will arrive at your door expense-free.