Support Maine.
Buy Local.

Rainmaker water is the only water company that same-day delivers 5-gallon containers to your door for free. We also re-use your empty bottles, bill you automatically, have easy-to-use bottom feeding coolers, and save you countless trips to the store for water.


Here at Rainmaker, our mission is to provide our customers with the highest quality all natural spring water. We strive to keep our state physically healthy with bottled water that’s naturally pure, clean, and pristine; we look for Maine to stay economically healthy by employing Maine citizens and keeping our revenues in-state. Our diligence, scrutiny, and professionalism ensures satisfaction in every sip.

We are committed to keep Maine’s economy strong by staying local with our employees, customers, and services. All of our facilities are located in the Greater Portland Area. We place a focus on Maine’s economy and want to ensure that the money you spend is benefiting our state, and our state exclusively.

Rainmaker Spring is a member of the Keep Maine Strong initiative as we hope to continue the advancement of a growing Maine marketplace. You can happily purchase our products knowing that your money will support the great state we live in.